Using the SocialClarity questionnaire, basic SWOT analysis, review of business plan, combined with an assessment of any current marketing efforts, I assist clients in

  1. Determining what IS or is NOT effectively working for them in regard to attracting and maintaining customer relations and driving potential new sales
  2. Developing a Facebook marketing strategy to help meet specific short term campaign and/or long term marketing goals congruent with their brand and vision.

Fully developed courses created by Social Savant and geared toward training your team in the basics of effective Facebook marketing. Full media presentation, live demonstrated examples, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A to address the specific concerns of your team. Perfect for a small group environment where the roles of content development, strategist, analyst and design will be shared by a group of creatives or small task force of employees.

*Recommended follow up for specific team members who may need additional demonstration or training in any of the modules listed under Specialized One-on-One Consult


  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • Ads Creation & Strategy for the beginner
  • We’re Engaged: Creating Content an Audience says “YES”! To
  • …in development- Triple A: Analytics, Algorithms, and Apps (more courses to come)

Working alongside my clients, their primary social marketer and/or content developer using step-by-step demonstration and training for one or more of the following:

  • Facebook Business Page Creation and Optimization
  • Content Creation 101: May include, but is NOT limited to: training or consulting the client in creating effective digital marketing content for social, including: graphics and photography, live and prerecorded video (with light editing), terrific ad copy and headlines. Intro to basic thought processes for creating brand-worthy content and design that will attract target audiences. Intro to desktop and mobile app tools that save time and resources.
  • Intro to Boosted Posts and Ad Campaigns: Introduction & demonstration of Facebook ad type availability including images, video, carousel, split-test, cross-platform (Instagram), etc. and the difference between ads and boosted posts.
  • Ad Creation and Targeting Development: (subsequent to full review of campaign strategy- see Facebook ad strategy/management)
  • Reading and Assessing Analytics: within Facebook, using analytics to help manage the campaign progress as it funnels from awareness and interest to engagement and conversion. Increasing site traffic, newsletter recipients, direct sales leads, or obtaining new customers. Editing and/or redirecting ads accordingly. Also connecting campaign and landing page URLS to Google analytics for further assessment.



Using the SocialClarity questionnaire combined with meeting and assessment of specific campaign goals, and brief market research, I assist clients in:

  1. Determining target audience and clear directives to reach that audience Establishing, through creative session, an outline that will meet campaign goals.
  2. Developing a Facebook marketing strategy, complete with content calendar to help meet specific short-term goals while maintaining congruence with the brand.
  3. Establishing a plan for tracking, analysis or engagement/conversions and re-marketing.

After strategy sessions (about 2 sessions), I will provide a Campaign Strategy Outline including summaries of the campaign proposal, target audience, social content, conversion goals, and plan for tracking and analysis.



Using the content calendar, in congruence with campaign goals and with budget in mind, I will break down the various types of content needed, and assign per our creative team. Managing content creation, whether graphics, video, or copy is much like any kind of project management in that it requires its own calendar so that deadlines may be met and ads are launched on time, and done so with excellence.

*30 day lead time for creating campaign content, and tying to management, tracking/analytics platforms (Facebook pixel set up, Google analytics, Sprout or Hootsuite, etc.) required.



Social Savant delivers a full SOCIAL MARKETING ANALYSIS post-campaign, which includes:

  • Strategy Outline
  • Facebook Analytics Summaries
  • Google Analytics Summaries
  • Conversion/Sales Analysis
  • Final Summary