Amanda Woods is the founder of Social Savant Consulting, a boutique social media advertising and consulting agency. The mission of Social Savant is to empower clients to see RESULTS on their bottom line, and copious RETURN on their investment as a result of effective social strategy and implementation.

Prior to launching the agency, Amanda had spent the past 10 years working in ministry and corporate technology environments where she served in administration, marketing and management. Her primary focus for the past decade has been in collaboration, training, strategy and implementation.

Her most recent role as Director of Operations for Grace United, an international fellowship of ministries, allowed her to oversee all operational aspects of the organization with a primary focus in digital marketing. Today Grace United has an audience of over 10,000 in their online network, 263 ministries published in connection with the site, and 550 people on their mailing list. They have held 3 successful international conferences, and have partnered for many other events.

In addition to her full time position, Amanda has taken the past five years and conducted one-on-one consult for small business and ministry. She has held various seminars, webinars and training events. Some topics covered include: Creating Content an Audience says YES to, Facebook Back to the Basics: Boosted posts, Ad campaigns, Ad Creation and Targeting development, Facebook and Google Analytics: Reading and Assessment, Conversion and Funneling of Qualified Leads, and more.

Amanda resides in Tulsa, OK with her very tall and handsome husband, Derek. They have two beautiful daughers, Eliana and Elysia. In her spare time, she loves to compose and listen to jazz, read books, and take naps. Wait, who are we kidding…a working mother with two kids?…no naps. Let’s stick with jazz.

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If you’d like to hire Amanda to provide social media marketing training for your business, and/or to speak at your next event, please visit this page.